Our Team

R A Rehman (Honorary Patron)

Mr. R A Rehman is an experienced wilderness guide and qualified tourism trainer. He is the founder President of Sustainable Foundation Pakistan, life member of Adventure Foundation Pakistan and Fellow of Leadership for Environment and Development (Lead- International). As a master trainer his experience ranges from corporate leadership and team-building trainings to outdoor education for the youth of the country. He has more than 30 years’ experience in a wide range of outdoor pursuits, environment education, adventure training and expedition planning and execution. Outdoor teambuilding, leadership skills training, motivation and communication are his exclusive subjects.  He has developed a number of training modules which are based on experiential learning techniques, where participants are being involved to develop skills, concepts and attitudes which promote affective team work, create greater awareness of oneself as a leader and team member and one’s needs for the further self-development. Currently he is working as tourism consultant with various projects in Pakistan. Previously, he has served Adventure Foundation Pakistan as Director General and CNFA/USAID as Tourism Industry Development Specialist. He is an amateur photographer, nature explorers, trekker and an environmentalist as well. 

Shahrukh Rehman (CEO)

Shahrukh Rehman is a graduate of FAST in Business Management and Marketing. He is the CEO and Director Marketing of IJPL and has more than five-year experience in tourism, trekking and outdoor activities. He has also gained valuable experience in conducting tour programs as group leader. He is a member of Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan. 

Arif Tufail

Arif is a qualified wilderness guide and camp councillor. He is associated with adventure training since 1998 and has gained experience in mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing and watermanship. He leads trekking expedition and conducts various outdoor training programs. During the last 20 years he has conducted many adventure trips, expeditions and training programs in the mountain areas of Pakistan. Presently he is working with us as Director Operations. Previously, he has served as Assist. Director Adventure Training at Adventure Foundation Pakistan.  Arif is a keen trekker and traveler. 

Khalil Shah  

Khalil a qualified wilderness group leader, adventure guide and mountain liaison officer. He is involved in different adventure sports since 1998. He leads trekking expedition. Mountaineering is also his passion and he has joined number of international mountaineering expeditions as a Liaison Officer. Presently, he is working with a government organization as Accounts Officer. Khalil is a keen rock climber, mountaineer and trekker.